Things to Know About Second Chance Leasing Apartments in Dallas

  We have specialized in Luxury 2nd chance leasing for over 14 years

We have built relationships with  apartment communities that offer second chance leasing.

A few Things to know about Luxury 2nd Chance Leasing in Dallas

  • Your total monthly income needs to be 3x the rent to qualify.
  • Except there may be a higher deposit required, you get your deposit back if you take care of the apartment and pay your rents. Specials are not typical during second chance leasing. Higher deposits can reach one month’s rent sometimes.
  • You need to know your credit score and how much you owe any properties or utility companies, check your credit for free at before applying anywhere. It’s helpful to know when we call apartments for you.
  • Be sure to be honest on all applications otherwise you risk being automatically denied for not being truthful. If properties find out there is more than one issue that was not mentioned they will keep your app fee and admin fee and sometimes even your deposit.
  •  If you have more than one rental debt your list will be very short but it’s not impossible for us to get you approved. They will more than likely charge you one month’s rent minimum.
  • You may be required to have good rental history since your last property debt. If you have been renting from a landlord or family member, try to get a letter from then stating that you have made rent payments on time and for how long.
  • Recent evictions or evictions within the last year are nearly impossible to help, there may be a few options for you depending on the area you are looking for, but we will definitely need to chat first. Usually after one or two years evictions and broken leases are more workable.
  •  Open bankruptcies are nearly impossible to help. Bankruptcy cases must be closed in order to be approved.
  •  Second chance properties do not have the same criteria and are not guaranteed to approve you. Also, even though a property is with the same management company, the criteria can vary per property, so it is best to get in touch with us and let us know your needs and go from there.

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