2nd Chance


Having Trouble Finding an Apartment that will Approve You?  The Apartment Gorilla is here to help you find the Luxury Apartment you deserve. Don’t settle for less than Luxury! The Gorilla has built relationships with many apartment communities, leasing agents and managers, who are willing to work with past Felonies, Misdemeanors, Bad Credit, Broken Leases and other Background Issues. Many of the...

TOP 10 Things to Know About Second Chance Leasing Apartments in Dallas & Houston 2020

Second chance leasing offers individuals with a rental debt history, past financial issues or a criminal background the opportunity to lease an apartment.  Most apartment communities have strict rental criteria in order to be approved and won't always lease to individuals with a broken lease, eviction, financial woes, or criminal convictions. It is an added risk many communities won't be willing to take....

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