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Bad Credit - Broken Lease - No Credit - Bankruptcy - Foreclosure Misdemeanor - Misdemeanor Assault - Felony

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Apartment Gorilla Bad Credit Blog

11.26.2017 - A year flys by - Stay posted for some Major Announcements

11.24.2016 - Lets plow through the year and Hit Jan 1, 2017 in full stride

11.12.2016 -  I set out to help Clients who were in the Position I was in at the time - People who wanted a nice place to live that had Credit or Background Issues. It Started when I lost my business and we were flat broke - I had an RE license however no money for Advertising, Lockboxes, Supra, MLS - Heck we were pawning things to buy gas and food. Ya times were though, I wouldn't change a thing. It created the person who I am now and this Business. I started working at an Apartment Locating office - At the time it was off Jones and 290 called Find It. I wanted it to be close enough that if i had to ride my bike i could. Apartment Data Services, the Database we used cost money not much, I just didn't have it and I didn't know how to tell the Office Manager I didn't have the Database. When a Client would walk in and it was my turn I would take them and we would visit the Communities in person, Little did I know at the time, I was building relationships with many leasing agents and managers. Also gaining product knowledge. I was learning what communities would work with credit and background Issues. After a few Commission Checks I Paid for ADS and started this site - I was Advised to stop working on the site and just concentrate on the Leads they had coming into the office. What I found was there were not many leads coming into the office - I literally had a Family to feed. I would actually take leads from the Trash Can that other locators would throw away. The Manager and the other locators agreed that if a lead had an Eviction or a Felony it wasn't counted - This rule was bent to include a broken lease and misdemeanors. I would take the leads the Other Locators would throw away and find them Nice Apartments to live in - Many of theses clients are with me today after 8 years or More. Many of the Leasing agent Manager relationships have become friendships. I remember several time taking my Daughter who was not in school yet with me to lease Apartments she is 11 now - I have met many amazing people - Other Locators - Managers - Leasing agents - Brokers - Owners ETC. And Now I have Joined a BNI group in the Woodlands (BNI Crossroads)- I really thought when I gave my 1 minute Commercial I would be Laughed out of there. Well It was kinda the opposite, I just received my First Referrals for other Members and I have be Referring My Clients to Member Especially for Renters and Auto Insurance. This year we sold Houses to Clients who Leased Apartments form The Gorilla - It was very satisfying to watch them start at a low credit score (About 500 )and Improve it to the point where they purchased Brand New Homes it was awesome - 2017 Is going to be an awesome - We want to Improve Customer Service and branding - Being a former Houston Police Officer and Marine i believe help me a lot in this business for many reasons. Marines for 1987 - 1992 VMA (AW) 533 11.12.2016 -


11.03.2016 - The Gorilla will be starting a  Credit Reapair Business - We should be Launching January 1, 2017  - Remember If you are Perfect Dont Call me -

09.21.2016 - Starting a page - Everything The Woodlands - and The Woodlands TX Specializing in The Woodlands / Spring / Conroe Luxury Apartments - And assisting Clients in Finding Luxury The Woodlands / Conroe / Spring Apartment Communities that will work with Past Credit Issues and or older Background Issues -

09.19.2016 This is Going to be an Awesome Week - ATTACK -

09.15.2016- Last few weeks have been awesome- My son's Football game is tonight - He plays for Jersey Village High School - Feel Free to follow us on Facebook.com/ApartmentGorilla

08.29.2016 -As August comes to a close it is important not to rest on what we have done so far this year - Getting better every day is a Must - We are always building new relationships and learning about different Multifamily management companies that will work with past rental and or background issues - We specialize in Luxury Apartment Communities in Houston and Surrounding areas As of Sept 5th we will be expanding into Dallas and Surrounding areas - Bad Credit - Broken lease (older) - Foreclosure -Bankruptcy - Late Pays - Misdemeanor - Older Felony - When working with background issues Awesome Job History is a Must - Credit needs to be fair to good - We work with Luxury Communites - They will check Credit - Job History - Background etc - - We will be working on Our Site AptGorilla.com and ApartmentGorilla.com with more information. One of the First Videos the Gorilla Did - Cy Fair Northwest Houston Apartments For Lease Broken Lease OK 281.818.3045 

08.27.2016 - Saturday Leasing apartments and Hooking Up Electricity - Working on the ApartmentGorilla.com Site and the AptGorilla.com Site - Also have an additonal Phone Number you can text me at 832.916.2926 - Been a good week - Just a few Move ins this Week - Luxury Apartment in Humble TX - Broken lease - Very Nice Community in Clear lake - Felony and a Luxury Community in The Woodlands - Bad Credit - Last but not least we had some Awesome Pizza Last night from Tonys Pizza on Jones Road - Our Goal this week is to Lease 10 Luxruy Apartments - If you are perfect Dont Call me -

07.25.2016 - Just got back from our Annual Cape May Vacation - What an Awesome time. I will post some pics on my Apartment Gorilla Facebook page today. Back to working with our Awesome Clients today - Before we left on Vacation we found an awesome management company with Luxury Apartment Communities in Houston and Some Surrounding areas - one on the top of my mind is in Humble that will work with an Eviction. Evictions in Houston are not easy to place - Houston Apartment Communities and Management companies are always changing policies and what they will work with or accept - We specialize in Leasing Luxury Apartment Communities that work with past issues - Including but not limited to - Bad Credit - Broken Lease - Eviction - Foreclosure - Misdemeanor - Misdemeanor Assault - Felony -

5.19.2016 - Leasing an apartments in Houston with Bad Credit is not Easy; Especially after you apply and are not approved at a community you thought for sure you were getting approved at. Income and good job history will play a major factor- Is There a Broken lease included in the Bad Credit ? - Houston area Apartments communities that work with bad credit will include areas like The Woodlands Texas also other area including but not limited to- Northwest - Houston-

05.18.2016- Some of the Buzzword I want to address in this Apartment Gorilla Bad Credit Blog

1 - Bad Credit 2- No Credit Check Apartments 3- Broken Lease 4- Eviction 5- Foreclosure 6- Late Pays 7- Short Sale 8- Buying a New Home with Bad Credit 9- Misdemeanors 10 - Felony

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Apartments Houston Champions-Walters-1960-Badcredit-Broken-Lease-OK-Broken Lease Misdemeanors Case by Case (281) 818.3045 Nice Felon Apartments Houston Clear Lake Apartments Broken Lease Felony Apartments OK e Broken lease Bad Credit Cy Fair Apartment One MOnth Free on Hermann Park Condo In The Congo City Centre Lofts Post Oak At Woodway NorthWest Houston Apartment With a Lazy River HOme or House for Rent or Lease Cy-Fair Apartments for rent

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